Brain Drippings

I love sharing my thoughts and ideas with everyone. That’s why I’ve been loving writing this blog. But every once in a while, I’ll learn something or come up with something that I really want to share, but is way too short for a single blog post.

Apparently, I’m not the only one who has this problem. An online video blog I follow came up with a clever solution: just dedicate a special blog post to sharing these mini-blog ideas. I think that’s brilliant, so this week that’s what I’m going to do.

Here, for your enjoyment, are a few of my brain drippings of the past few weeks:

So Newt Gingrich won the South Carolina primary, meaning that all the talk of Mitt Romney being the Republicans’ anointed son have come to an embarrassing end. Oh, and it turns out Rick Santorum actually won Iowa by 34 votes, rather than Romney winning by eight votes as we were originally told.

But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, there is something important to remember. Newt Gingrich “won” in the Palmetto State with 40% of the vote. That means 60% of the state’s Republicans voted for someone other than Newt Gingrich. Romney’s “victory” in New Hampshire had a similar margin. And let’s not forget that we have 47 other states to go in this primary race, so there is plenty of opportunity for this election to take all manner of twists and turns. I think we should all chill out before we start jumping to conclusions about the Republican nomination.

And while we’re on the subject of the primary race, Stephen Colbert fans will want to watch this.

It seems polygamy in the United States has become much more visible recently. I guess the idea is that if the definition of marriage in this country is up for debate anyway, polygamists might as well have their say in the matter. I’m not a big fan of the practice, as these relationships always seem to be all about the guy’s ego instead of mutual love and respect, but I basically figure “live and let live”.

I have made an interesting observation, though. In every documentary I’ve seen on polygamist families, when the children raised by such a family reach marriage age, they tend to be monogamous. Just sayin’.

Deadpool is one of my favorite comic book characters right now. I just love the guy’s wit, crazy schemes, fourth-wall humor, and generally being an awesome mercenary who tells it straight to the other comic book characters, who can be quite pretentious when you think about it. I think the guy is great material for a movie adaptation.

Unfortunately, having followed movie news for a while, it’s looking very much like the fan-demanded Deadpool movie is not going to happen. At least, not within the next few years, not at Fox, and not starring Ryan Reynolds.

Yeah, I know there are claims about there being some kind of test footage. Doesn’t matter.

Yeah, I know Ryan Reynolds says he’s more than happy to play the character. He’s an out-of-work actor whose attempt at a breakout film last year flopped horribly. What do you expect him to say?

Yeah, I know 20th Century Fox will lose the movie rights if they don’t fulfill their contract to have a movie out by 2014. But think of it from a business standpoint. X-Men: First Class was highly reviewed and earned a whole lot of money. Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern was an absolute disaster. It just makes more sense for them to focus their efforts on making more really good X-Men movies than to invest loads of money on a risky project starring a guy who failed in his attempt to prove he could play a superhero.

I’ve seen this ride before, back when it was the Halo movie that never happened and the Justice League movie that never happened. Let’s just say I’m not optimistic.

Have you tried these? If you haven’t, try them. They are awesome. I love them.

Well, I guess that’s enough random thoughts for now. Until next time, Cat Flaggers!

3 Responses to Brain Drippings

  1. AuntLeesie says:

    Well, I still think we need Paula Deen or Martha Stewart in the White House regardless of which political platform. My reasoning is simple:

    1. Both understand a household budget and have built personal economic empires from scratch (pun intended).

    2. Both are moms who’ve raised adolescents/teens, meaning they can handle congress.

    3. Either would kick some serious butt in D.C., yet feed everyone such delish meals they’d be thankful to have their butts kicked.

    As for “Sister Wives” and other spoon-fed-by-the-media in an effort to “open our minds” shows? It gets better. Or worse, depending on how you look at it. While channel surfing the other night I came across a show about a man who’s in love with his car. Yup. Seriously. He’s intimate with his car. Gross (to be sure), but not a joke. And at least one expert, before I changed channels, was explaining that this isn’t really all that strange, and it isn’t a mental illness, it’s just that our soceity is too uptight and negative about sex. With a CAR??????????????? OMG.

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