Cat Flag: Branson, Missouri Edition!

Hey, Cat Flaggers! I’m back! Did you miss me?

Don't lie. You know you did.

Don’t lie. You know you did.

I’m back from my family reunion in Branson, Missouri. Today, I thought I’d share with you what I saw and learned while I was there.

Like the fact that the person who stayed in the room before us had a sense of humor.

Like the fact that the person who stayed in the room before us had a sense of humor.

First, I learned that Branson has only a very tiny population – only about 10,000 people, the same as my home town of Morro Bay. Yet somehow this tiny population is able to support a major tourist destination, filled with live shows…

Such as this one...

...or this one


The Hollywood Wax Museum

The World War II Museum

The Titanic Museum

Yes, that’s a museum built to look like the Titanic.

…and a theme park!

Silver Dollar City image from Visit Missouri

The theme park is named Silver Dollar City, and I went there. It had a very country theme – there were blacksmiths, glassblowers, and candy makers showing how they do their craft, and there was also an old-fashioned train that circled the park.

Indeed, most of Branson has a very country theme. While some of the performances include Yakov Smirnoff, the Acrobats of China, and the Twelve Irish Tenors, most of the shows have a very country flavor, like the Baldknobbers that I went to see.

My Baldknobbers ticket

The Baldknobbers were the first live show in Branson, first performing in 1959 and setting the stage for the city’s growth into the theater center they have become. Their performance is a combination of country concert and stand-up comedy, featuring a pair of goofy-looking comics who are the stars of the show.

Didn't your mama tell you not to judge people by their appearance?

Didn’t your mama tell you not to judge people by their appearance?

If all of this is making Branson sound really appealing to you, there are a few things you should know. First, while I did have a good time, I found that I was getting really tired of the country-and-western theme after the second day, and by the time I left I was grateful to be back in sunny, surfing California. I have nothing against country, I really do like it, but when it is non-stop and overwhelming for several days straight, it starts to wear me out.

Second, the roads in Branson are a mess. We got lost almost every time we got in the car while we were there. The roads are just too narrow and windy, and clogged with traffic at almost all hours of the day.

Branson also left me asking a number of questions, like “How is such a small population able to keep this place up and running?”, “Why is every church around here the size of a Wal-Mart?”, and “What is with that giant rooster?”

Seriously, what is that all about?

Seriously, what is that all about? You can see him for miles!

Overall, though, I had a great time. It’s a very nice area, with lots of amazing stuff to see. It’s a great place to bring your kids, or to just enjoy some amazing shows and awesome country-themed fun.

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