The Most Ridiculous Halloween Costumes on the Net for 2012

Step right up! Step right up! Come one, come all! Prepare yourselves for something you have never before seen! You will be shocked and amazed! Feast your eyes… on this year’s craziest, strangest, and most ridiculous Halloween costumes!

Yes, it’s time once again to marvel at just what lengths people will go to leave a lasting impression for one night a year. There were certainly no shortage of bizarre, surprising, and mind-boggling costumes to choose from. I find it so amusing what people come up with to wear to that Halloween party… but if they are so determined to make fools of themselves, who am I to deny them the opportunity? Let’s get started!

The “I am not putting any effort into my costume” Award

This guy clearly is more interested in the party’s refreshments than its fundamental purpose. The sad part is, I’m willing to bet most people laughed at his so-called “costume” and told him it was really clever. I’m sorry, but if Halloween costumes were some kind of test, this guy would flunk.

The “Seriously over-the-top” Award

I’m not sure what, exactly, this is supposed to be, but whatever it is, it took a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNGGGGG time to make. Just look at that detail! How did she do that with her hair? Or is that even her hair? I’m not sure. Anyway, this is definitely the most elaborate costume I have ever seen. And I bet by the time the night is out it will be falling apart due to sweat and bumping into things.

The “Obscure reference for the win!” Award

This woman chose to dress up for Halloween as Elizabeth, one of the main characters of the upcoming video game Bioshock: Infinite. I bet most people will be all like, “So, are you, like, some Victorian lady, or something?” And she’ll end up having to explain her costume dozens of times until she’s sick of it.

But at least I’ll know what this costume is.

And I’m not sure what that says about me.

The “I can’t believe they actually did that!” Award

How do you express your love and devotion as a new parent to your baby for his or her first Halloween? Apparently, by making it look like your bundle of joy is being brutally murdered by an alien parasite. The look in that baby’s eyes says it all: “I have to trust these people to care and provide for me for the next 18 years?”

The “I call animal abuse!” Award

WHY? Whywhywhywhywhywhy? Why do pet owners insist on dressing their pets up on Halloween? Animals don’t understand our customs and traditions, they’re just animals! This one is especially bad because it’s a Cthulhu mask on a cat! The poor cat’s probably freaking out that it can’t see! It’s thinking, “What is this thing on my head? Why can’t I take it off!”

The “Huh?” Award

And now, the Most Ridiculous Costume on the Net for 2012:

But… Wait a… Who said… Why’d they… This is… I’m not… Huh?

I’m not sure if the kid asked to be a suicide bomber for Halloween, or if he just has some really strange, politically incorrect parents. Either way, this is 25 kinds of messed up. Not much else I can say about that.

While I hope we’ve all had fun looking at these silly Halloween costumes, I must take a moment to express my sympathies and condolences with the victims of Hurricane Sandy who are still coming to grips with the damage and loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

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