Cat Flag Vlog 1: Garden Wins and Fails

So, I’ve discovered in my travels across the internet the phenomenon known as “vlogging”, where people take a handheld camera and record themselves rambling on about their personal lives and whatever other random topics they care about, then put them up unedited on YouTube.

And I thought… gotta get me some of that!

So, here’s my first “vlog”, on my garden. Everywhere I have lived, my mom has tried to leave it more beautiful than she found it. By the time we moved to Morro Bay, I was old enough to really start helping out in the garden, and many of the plants in our yard I put in or helped to put in. I have especially been the go-to guy in our house when it comes to vegetables, which as you will see doesn’t always work out so well.

I enjoy gardening, and I think it is a worthwhile endeavor for anyone who has a yard to tend or even so much as a window flower box. Even if growing vegetables or herbs for cooking aren’t your thing (though, it is FAR CHEAPER than constantly buying the stuff at the store), having a beautiful space in your life just makes home that much more welcoming.

You can find out more about the garden and what you can do with the vegetables you grow in it at my mom’s website: