On a personal note 2

Hey, Catflaggers!

Yesterday I returned to Cal Poly for what is to be my last quarter before I graduate. With me was my younger brother, who is just starting out his college experience. I’ve been using this first week to help him get adjusted to the new lifestyle and campus.

I’m taking two classes and working, and I also have my Senior Project to work on. I’m leaning toward doing a documentary on homelessness for my Senior Project, and I will be posting updates on my progress to this blog. But with all of that work, I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to post as often as I have over the summer.

I may be scaling back to one blog post a week, though I will wait and see how my workload looks before making that decision. If I don’t update for a few days, just be patient. I have no intention of stopping our little experiment – you can be sure I’ll have plenty more news stories, editorials, random facts, and Awesome People In History for you. And you can always check out Coastal Cooking Online or The Average Life as well.

So make yourselves some quesadillas and enjoy! Hope everyone has a happy autumn!