On a personal note…

I would just like to congratulate by brother, Zachary Griffith, on his graduation from Morro Bay High School.

I would also like to congratulate my cousin, James Erickson, on his high school graduation as well. To both of you, I say this: you are now adults, and are off to make your own lives. I know this freedom can be both exciting and scary. Life is full of risks and opportunities. But ultimately, you can’t overthink things and paralyze yourself with weighing all the options. Just do what feels right. Only you can know what will make you happy. Find something you are passionate about, and you will never go in to work sighing “Another day, another dollar.” You will go in to work thinking “Another day, another opportunity!”

Best of luck to both of you, and to all of the Class of 2011!

One Response to On a personal note…

  1. Aaron Bevan says:

    Hey bro, so nice of you to make a video of your brothers graduation. By the way, I thought it was you, but only for a second. SO funny! Anyway, keep in touch. I like the short and sweet interview at the end of the video. “Freedom!”

    Miss you dude, Aaron Bevan.

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