You asked for it, you got it… QUESADILLAS!!!!

Don’t say I don’t listen to my audience. You voted for Quesadillas and I’m giving you Quesadillas.

Like many foods around the world, the origins of this tasty snack have been lost to history. Knowing how easy it is to make and how obvious an idea it is, though, I’m guessing this dish was spontaneously invented by dozens of people in different places at different times, completely unaware of each other. I mean, it’s a natural idea: the indigenous people of Mexico had these tortillas they used every day, and the Spanish, who had domesticated cattle, brought cheese to the New World. Someone probably just wanted a quick and easy snack and thought this fit the bill.

I mean, making a quesadilla is not hard. You need two tortillas of any kind and some yellow cheese that has been broken into small bits. The cheese doesn’t have to be shredded; I’ve made plenty from those “Kraft” sandwich cheese slices that I’ve folded into pieces. You also can make quesadillas with one tortilla instead of two; just fold the thing over.

And the fillings. Chicken, turkey, ham; it just has to be in smaller-than-bite-size pieces. It has got to be one of the cheapest and easiest recipes on any Taco Bell or other Mexican Restaurant’s menu. You can make them at home with no trouble. I like eating quesadillas for breakfast, myself.

There you have it, Catflaggers. Quesadillas for everyone!

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