Morro Bay entrepreneur shares his story of success

Huy Ngo, local entrepreneur

If there is one thing Huy Ngo likes about being an entrepreneur, it is being his own boss. “Why earn money for someone else when you can earn money for yourself?” he says. That is why he has, in turn, owned a party supply store, a speed-dating service, a street donut stand, and a paralegal service. His brain is always bubbling with new ideas.

His latest venture is different, though. This time, he is involving the whole family in the business. His new family-owned restaurant at 1698 Main Street in Morro Bay will specialize in custom-to-order hamburgers and hot dogs as well as fresh-cut fries. It will also serve coffee and pastries in the morning, and primarily focus on attracting local customers. Everything in the restaurant will be under $10, he assures me.

Born in Vietnam, Ngo came to the United States as a small child and grew up in Morro Bay. He is well-connected with local politicians and the Chamber of Commerce, and also has many friends in the police department. He formerly worked at a local candy store, but was laid off recently. Rather than take that as a bad thing, he has used his newfound free time to work on getting his restaurant ready to open.

Ngo’s friends always ask him what his secret to success is, but Huy insists there is no secret – you merely need to do what you love.

Ngo’s new restaurant is still under construction, but he plans to open by July 4 of this year.

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